Hey there, here’s another little quick one. This post features some of the station workers, the ones who are so horrible mutated they cover their faces with crude approximations of human faces. (this is a bit of a spoiler, apologies)


So here are some examples of the process sketches for a station worker. This guy was designed to look a lot like a man that used to be a regular at a bar I worked at many years ago. His name was Hippy John. The second drawing is more of a technical drawing for myself as to how I was going to accomplish a character face with a moving jaw without any robotics.

tumblr_mc5du4FiEv1rhjw98o1_1280 tumblr_mc5du4FiEv1rhjw98o2_1280



And these are  in process images of station worker heads. You can get a better sense of how the images end up translating into the finished fabric pieces.













And here are our actors wearing the masks with the costumes.



























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