Meet The Fire Sprite. This is the deadly demon made of black fire that Magie conjures up to get the bear suit back from Benji. Here are a some images of the development of this character, and then some images of paintings and a figure based on the images.

In these early sketches I was’t sure where to take the Sprite because I didn’t know how menacing I wanted him to be, and in some of these versions I had been imagining him as the rightful owner of the bear skin, but I decided on him being a loose uncontrollable force that Magie unleashes would be more interesting.

More sketches for an unnamed guy made of black flames. Black fire.

Here is the Fire Sprite in all his unadorned splendor. I was trying to convey that he is a basically a flaming skeleton, with black fire for flesh.


And here, you can see again how I was constructing these figures from basically a bunch of pillows and sewing them around a frame to create the figure’s form.

WIP like woah.

In other later versions of him, his head is much more skull like and human. This is an in progress painting of Benji and the Sprite merged into one huge furry skull beast.

Taking a break from making helmets to do some painting. #WIP

And last but not least here are the finished versions of all of these pieces.


In the 3-D version, i added some more distinct bones to him, to give him more of a “bones held together by fire” feel.

DKrofta-FK2014_-4079 DKrofta-FK2014_-4097DKrofta-FK2014_-4098

And here is the finished version of the combined form of Benji and The Fire Sprite.


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