Another one of the reptiles from Channel 2020, and one of my favorites to make, is The Supreme Commander. The supreme commander is the head of the RepCo corporate pyramid. When designing him I was told to make him a combination of Louis XIV and Liberace with a little Kim Jong-il thrown in for spice.  In some early versions I made him look like a dusty Kimodo dragon, but after some deliberation we decided he should be completely extravagant in body as well as dress. I based him loosely on some pictures I’d seen of mutated ball pythons.


On the right are some preliminary sketches for head shape and scale pattern layouts. On the left is the completed design for the commander, including his sweet doughnut-necked velvet robe.


This is the head in various stages of layout for scale positioning. The picture on the right is where the scales ended up, you can also see his eyes in this one. These scales were a labor of love for sure.


here are a few shots of me and the gang figuring out how to run his Supremeness. The second shot shows a little bit more of the detailing on the cape, his hands, and his cute little chicken legs.


And finally a bonus shot of the major players of the RepCo corporate hierarchy.