One of the main characters from  Finders Keepers is a hermit named Magie Obdachlos. He is a hermit that lives in a cave full of enchanted objects. Here are some drawings,paintings, and also a sculpture of Magie from my recent solo show at Peanut Gallery in Chicago.

Here are some of the initial sketches of Magie. The thing about him that have always remained the same are his head wrap, his bumpy hump, and his long arms and large spindly hands. But his coloring and other things have changed a bit here and there. I am always trying to figure out the best way to shrink the gap between my initial concept of things and their eventual physical form.

More humpbacks doodle d00ds

Here are some in progress shots of the Magie figure. The process for all of the sculptures in this show are basically sewn bits of stuffed fabric painted to give the fabric structure and add more subtlety and uniformity to the surface.

Ghoul hands

Again, here are two in progress painting of Mage. There are hallmarks of his outfit, but also there is more definition in how I am drawing his face and hands.

Magie Obdachlos #wip #giterdun

And here is the finished version of the Magie sculpture. You can see a little bit more of the fabric, and how it looks once it’s been painted. The teeth eyes and nose are made of super Sculpey.


And some more views. (note all those pillowy humps)

DKrofta-FK2014_-4100 DKrofta-FK2014_-4069

And here are the final versions of the Magie paintings, or at least the ones that feature him prominently.

DKrofta-FK2014_-4080 DKrofta-FK2014_-4094