David Krofta is an artist living and working in Chicago. His practice focuses on the colorful, the humorous and  the bizarre, utilizing a mix of styles and materials to create experiences that invite and entertain. In 2014, David worked on Finders Keepers which ran August 17th through September 14th at Peanut Gallery in Chicago. The show was about a teenager who finds a giant fur suit that he uses for world travel and adventuring. In 2013, David worked as Art Director and puppeteer on Channel 2020 a web series created by members of Everything is Terrible!. Channel 2020 is about a group of people and  people/puppet hybrids that are slaves to the corporate world domination machinations of interstellar lizards, and are forced to run their television station Channel 2020. The world is a mix of puppets, people, video, most importantly, LIZARDS.  David earned a degree in Fiber and Material studies from the Cleveland Institute of Art in 2006.  He was integral to several collective projects that range from Body Invisible – a live comedy puppet performance with touches of Japanese Bunraku theater traditions, to Double Dutch Will Take You Higher – a participatory performative jump roping team which performed in numerous venues across the East Coast. He relocated to Chicago in 2008, where he immersed himself in the arts community focusing on puppetry and performance. At the same time David began working as a puppeteer and production artist on Food Party, which became part of a regular line-up for two seasons on the Independent Film Channel.  He co curated  the monthly puppet, video and performance cabaret Odds and Friends from 2010 to 2012 for the Hungry Brain. David’s work has been exhibited widely across the Mid West and East Coast and has been featured in two books published by Gestalten press: Tangible and Hair Em’, Scare Em’.

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