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Andersonville Midsommerfest 2014

        So here are the final images used in this years Andersonville Midsommerfest advertising. I worked closely with Graphic designer Enzo Fiorello on this year’s design. They were looking for some cute hand drawn characters that utilized […]


Fingerbang Orangutan!

My pal Megan Metzger I are starting a podcast called Fingerbang Orangutan. This is the logo I developed for it. The show will be about all kinds of stuff from personal confessions, love and sex advice and also a special […]


Blisse Anonyon Atu

  A drawing i did for my friend and erstwhile spiritual advisor Roxanne Starnik for her music alter ego Blisse Anonyon Atu. This was the cover for her EP soft release. She wanted a heavenly horse, but not a unicorn. […]

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Prop war journals for short film

     Here are two journals I made for a short film produced by Firebrand Productions Inc. for the US Marine Corps Substance Abuse Prevention program. Read More about the project, and watch the film HERE. The film shows a […]


Os Mutantes

  Os Mutantes I and II 2010   A short Series I did of deformed heads. I am still romantically involved with the beauty of stylized scar tissue. The look of these are heavily influenced by the rubber mutants of […]


Sexy Cavemen

  Sexy Cave Men, Pen and Ink 2010 This another group of drawings I did mostly for my own enjoyment. The poses are actually taken almost directly from vintage gay porn mags. This is also a continuation of some other […]

2D, 3D

Monster Masks

    Fun personal project making halloween masks of some of my favorite classic monsters for some pals. Cardboard with a gesso wash and india ink details.