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Finders Keepers: The Fire Sprite

Meet The Fire Sprite. This is the deadly demon made of black fire that Magie conjures up to get the bear suit back from Benji. Here are a some images of the development of this character, and then some images […]


Channel 2020: The Supreme Commander

Another one of the reptiles from Channel 2020, and one of my favorites to make, is The Supreme Commander. The supreme commander is the head of the RepCo corporate pyramid. When designing him I was told to make him a […]


Channel 2020: The Regional Manager

Last year I began work on a show called Channel 2020 for some members of Everything Is Terrible! Here are some progress shots for one of the first characters we developed for the show, The Regional Manager.  The regional manager […]


Balinese Mask

Here is one of my masks from a short lived project where some friends and I would try to “out mask” each other. the masks got too wold too quickly and the project fizzled.  BUT! There are still some sweet […]

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Prop war journals for short film

     Here are two journals I made for a short film produced by Firebrand Productions Inc. for the US Marine Corps Substance Abuse Prevention program. Read More about the project, and watch the film HERE. The film shows a […]


Hänschen klein

  Here are some stills from a piece I did called Hänschen klein, which is my take on a german children’s song about a boy who leaves home to discover the world, but returns home after hearing the longing cries […]

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Monster Masks

    Fun personal project making halloween masks of some of my favorite classic monsters for some pals. Cardboard with a gesso wash and india ink details.


Tatijana in Color: The Mice on Stage

    Some shots of the mice in use in Prologue Theater’s ‘Tatijana in Color.’ The play is about a girl who was involved in an obscenity case with artist Egon Schiele who allegedly used her as a model while she […]


Tatijana In Color: Mouse process

Mouse puppets created for Prologue Theater’s production of “Tatijana In Color.”  Each puppet is made from felted wool with a Sculpey under-structure for their heads and ADORABLE feet. The puppets were meant to be capable of various stunts, one had a removable […]