Uptown is a neighborhood on Chicago’s north east side. The whole area is full of beautiful art deco era architectural flourishes. The Taste of Uptown is part of the neighborhood’s current mission to restore the area back to its former glory by featuring some of it’s best restaurants in an event where people can pay a flat fee and try samples from each of the participating businesses.

The Uptown Chamber of Commerce approached me to design a poster for the event and the initial design I submitted I included the elements that I love most about the area, art deco, concrete elements and the upscale flair that is so much a part of the area’s history.

This design included some of the asian inspired line work, simplified elements and art deco fonts that evoke the feel of the neighborhood’s history. I also incorporated a few of the colors that the chamber wanted used in the design. The chamber however was looking for someone to make a poster for the event based on existing design schemes that are part of the chamber’s new branding, examples of which can be viewed in the banners recently installed in the area.


Below the final event poster mirrors the new branding, but also incorporated imagery from local restaurants and event information, and added some of the angled color blocking that is visible in the neighborhood banners.